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Friday, 1 February 2019

Word To Use Today: manure.

Gardener: 'I'm going to put some manure on the roses today, ma'am.'

Lady: 'You shouldn't call it manure, you should call it fertiliser.'

Gardener: 'What? But it's taken me forty years to learn to call it manure!'

Manure is - or should be - a mixture of well-rotted straw (or something similar) and animal poo. 

File:Pile of manure on a field.jpg
photo by Paul Clarke

Messing around with the poo of carnivorous animals is neither pleasant nor healthy, but the application of the waste products of chickens, and, especially, horses, will give a boost to any plant.

Gardener: Do you have manure put on your rhubarb?

Lady: No. Custard, usually.

Manure is also a nickname used to annoy Manchester United Football Club fans. I don't know why they find it so irritating. 

I mean, they're both rich and powerful, aren't they.

Word To Use Today: manure. This word appeared in the 1300s from the Latin manuospera, which means manual work. So it's actually always been a very polite word indeed.

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