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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Infamous babies: a rant

A survey has found...

...yes, yes, all right, the results probably aren't going to be true, are they? I know that. You know that. But they're interesting, anyway.

The result of the poll, commissioned by an outfit called (who got two thousand responses to their questionnaire) shows that one in seven mothers (I'm assuming they're all mothers) now dislike the name they chose for their children.

The reasons given are that the name has become common; that it's been chosen as the name of a celebrity's child; or that someone with the same name has become famous.

Names no longer popular after a celebrity endorsement include Bear (child of Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne), Harper (David and Victoria Beckham), and Mason (Kourtney Kardashian...and I suppose there must also have been a father, but I don't know who he is).

Mothers would also have chosen to avoid names of various people now glowing luridly in public consciousness, such as Donald, Rihanna, and Paris.

Now, this is a small sample, and the people who responded to the questionnaire are likely to be the ones who feel strongly about the issue, ie, those who've made a terrible mistake. 

So I suppose that all that can be deduced from the survey is that, when it comes to naming children, some mothers are utter idiots.

Word To Use Today: harpy. A harpy is a cruel grasping woman. The word comes from the Greek Harpuiai, snatchers, from harpazein, to seize.

Poor Harper Beckham!

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