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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Sunday Rest: vegangelist. Word Not To Use Today.

I hope that this is the last of The Word Den's vegan-based-monstrosity series.

A vegangelist is someone who goes about proclaiming the benefits of being a vegan. 

This is fine, of course, as long as they don't get aggressive or silly about it, like supporting an attack on a butcher's shop, for instance; or suggesting a change to the name of town because it's called after an animal product.

That sort of action might make people think that vegans are dangerous and/or clinically mad.

Which they're not.

Well, not most of them, anyway.

Word Not To Use Today: vegangelism. No one I can discover is admitting to having coined this horrible word. The word evangelist basically means good news, from the Greek eu- good and angelos, messenger (yes, as in angel).

The name of the town of Wool comes from the Saxon welle, which means spring and is nothing to do with a sheep's coat.

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