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Thursday, 28 November 2019

The long arm of the chocolatiers: a rant.

I can't eat chocolate. any more: luckily, though, I can still enjoy the baroquely snobbish blurb on the wrappers.

This intense, bittersweet dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic's Cibao Valley offers hints of red wine and berry flavours

says Sainsburys of their own-brand 70% offering - which is great, as long as red wine and berries are what people are wanting.

Then there's Godiva Belgium 1926 72% cocoa Rich Smooth Dark Chocolate

Crafted by Godiva's Master Chocolatiers of Belgium, it says. Made in Turkey.

(Good heavens! They must have very long arms...)

Our deliciously rich, smooth chocolate

it goes on

 is exceptionally crafted with passion and artistic flair, to unlock a rich symphony of flavour notes. Discover the flavour journey inside each pack.

I'm not sure how you can unlock a symphony, let alone do it while journeying.

Ah well. I suppose tastes of chocolate would have been a bit obvious.

Word To Use Today: chocolate. This word comes from the Aztec xocolatl, from xococ, sour or bitter, and atl, which means water.

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