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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Thing To Be Today: ravenous.

Have you finished the Christmas cake yet? We ourselves still have an unopened panettone, two Christmas puddings, two tubs of brandy butter, some nuts, various bits of chocolate, some cheese,  and some crystallised ginger.

Oh, and an apple.

The trouble is that after the Christmas and New Year festivities I'm not sure I'll ever be hungry again.

Still, I could probably fancy a nice plateful of something plain, like mashed potato or cabbage.

Anyone got a recipe including brandy butter and cabbage?


Well, keep it to yourself, do.

Thing To Be Today: ravenous. this word comes from the Old French ravineux from the Latin rapina, which means plunder, from rapere to seize. It's basically the same word as ravish.

Ravens are often ravenous, but these two words are unconnected. The bird word comes from the Old Norse hrafn.

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