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Thursday, 6 February 2020

Sentences: a rant.

An Islamist terrorist, Sudesh Amman, was shot dead by police on 02/02/2020 after he stabbed two members of the public in a busy London High Street. Amman was wearing a fake suicide vest. The incident occurred ten days after Amman's statutory early release from prison. 

From the Telegraph Online, 3rd February 2020:

Haleema Faraz [Amman's mother] today revealed that she visited her son at his bail hostel on Thursday after he was released from prison early for distributing terrorist documents.

As a writer, I can see how these things happen (it's probably from trying just a bit too hard). 

But surely someone checks this stuff before it's posted, don't they?

Um...that has to be a no, then.

Word To Use Today: terror. This word comes from the Greek word trein, to run away in terror.

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