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Friday, 7 February 2020

Word To Use Today: chersonese.

(You say this word k-ss-NEEZ.)

Islands are the thing. I knew that quite well when I was working out my new kitchen layout, but there wasn't room for an island, so I had to made do with a peninsular unit, instead.

Yes, I love it, thanks. I really flipping love it.

But that word,'s just slightly a sign of compromise, somehow, so I think I might be going to christen my peninsular unit the chersonese.

Well, I would if I wanted to show off, anyway. 

Sadly, though, as I don't, I think I'm going to have to carry on calling it a table.

The Golden Chersonese, drawn by Nicolaus Germanus in 1467 after Ptolomy's Geography. It's thought to be the place now known as the Malay Peninsula. Some have claimed it as the kingdom of Caspar, who brought gold as a gift to the infant Christ.

Word To Use Today: chersonese. This word turned up in English in the 1600s but never really caught on except with the more refined poets. They got it from Latin, but of course it's really a Greek word, khersonēsos, from khersos, dry (as in land) and nēsos, island.

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