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Thursday, 4 June 2020

A Sense of an Endi: a rant.

A professional printer knows how big his pages are. His lines of type will come out in full:

She was thine

and not be cut-off before the end of the line: 

She was thin

A writer of copy for a screen, however, doesn't always have that luxury.

The Word Den is lucky enough to have wrap-round text (thank you, Blogger!) but the advertisements which pop up along the sides of other on-screen windows often don't, especially in in headlines.

I got an offer for some cut-price Samsung phones the other day.

The headline was:

Oh hello!

but sadly the screen had cut out the last two characters. 

Still, I suppose we all needed the laugh.

Word To Use Today: hello. This word might originally be a variant of halloo, which is something excited people shout at hounds when hunting. 

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