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Sunday, 7 June 2020

Sunday Rest: Pantoloc. Word Not To Use Today.

When I visit a pharmacy I always find my eyes drawn to the proprietary medicine Pantoloc.

Pantoloc always strikes me as an excellent name for a medicine. It sounds effective. It sounds powerful. It sounds as if it locks stuff in your pants. 

Now, Pantoloc probably does give great relief to those suffering from gastrointestinal tract problems.

The trouble is, despite its name, it treats heartburn.

Ah well.

Word Not To Use Today: Pantoloc. The panto bit in this word is, I assume, more to do with the Greek panto- meaning all than the English word pants. The -loc is puzzling. The Latin word locus means place, but I can't see how that can be relevant. 

The English word lock was loc in Old English: but I can't see that that's relevant, either.

Any suggestions welcome.

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