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Friday, 25 December 2015

Phrase To Use Today, Through Gritted Teeth If Necessary: thank you.

'Oh! Thank you!'

'Is it all right? I was afraid you might already have one.'

'What? Oh, no, I haven't got any tea towels disfigured by - um, featuring - enormous malevolent owls wearing Santa hats. How thoughtful.'

'Gosh, what is in this parcel? Can it be..? A tube of stretch-mark cream?'

'Yes, I hope you like it. All the pregnant women I know swear by it.'

'Oh!...well, what a surprise. Especially as my youngest child is a lawyer. But...well, thank you very much.'

'Would you like some sprouts?'

'Oh, are those sprouts? Ah, with mustard, peaches and root beer, I see. Oh. Er...thank you, yes, I'm sure they'll be lovely.'

'Would you like some ice cream, cream, sugar, meringue, marshmallows, custard, sprinkles, syrup and brandy butter with your huge helping of Christmas pudding?'

'Well, thank you very much but I am quite full, actually...'

'Because it's all dished up.'

'Oh. Well then, thank you.'

'So thank you for coming.'

'And thank you for having us. It's all been lovely.'

Phew, home at last. Another Christmas survived.

Whoever's up there, thank you!

Phrase To Use Today, Through Gritted Teeth If Necessary: thank you. This word has been around for ages. The Old English form is thancian.

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