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Monday 13 July 2020

Spot the Frippet: tiffany.

We're all due a touch of luxury, I think.

Tiffany & Co deals in jewellery, and glass and such other frippery.

This is the Tiffany yellow diamond (which, however, has never been sold).

This is a Tiffany lamp:

photo by Fopseh from Wikimedia Commons

and here's a tea set:

File:Tea Set by Tiffany & Company.jpg
photo by Sean Pathasema, Birmingham Museum of Art

I don't actually like any of it much - but, hey, I doubt the company is really going to miss my custom.

Tiffany glass is the pearly glass also called favrile glass:

File:Bowl by Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1880-1900, blown Favrile glass - Portland Museum of Art - Portland, Maine - DSC04322.jpg
cup and saucer by Tiffany, photo by Daderot

Tiffany is also a sheer fine gauzy fabric. It's obviously not going to keep you very warm or decent, so that's for luxury, too.

A kind of cat called a tiffanie is spelled differently, but then a cat picture is just what people need on a Monday morning:

File:Tiffanie at cat show.jpg
photo by Heikki Siltala

So there we are.

All part of the service.

Spot the Frippet: tiffany. You may not have any genuine Tiffany products about the place, but the fake stuff is fairly common. Most of the products are named after the company, but the fabric is named after Twelfth Night, because that's when you'd wear a posh frock. The fabric name comes from the Old French tifanie, from the Church Latin theophania, which means epiphany, the church festival which coincides with Twelfth Night.

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