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Wednesday 30 September 2020

Nuts and Bolts: threnody.

 A threnody is an song, poem or speech of lamentation, especially one for the dead.

The plural can be threnodies or threnodes, in which case you'd say it THRENohDAYS.

The word is Greek, and that's no surprise because the Greeks were always killing each other and then making up songs about it. They may have invented the idea of civilisation, but they seem to have stopped short before they got as far as a police force.

Anyway, threnody. Threnodies started in ancient times and go right on through the ages to nowadays. Popular music is full of them. 

Well, there's no easier way to look Deep, Caring, Artistic, and Significant than producing a lament.

Personally, though, give me a good old limerick every time.

Thing Probably Not To Inflict On People Today: threnody. The Greek word was thrēnōidia, from thrēnos, wailing, dirge, and ōidē, ode or song.

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