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Thursday, 17 March 2011

A common language - a rant.

I use British English on the whole. 

Well, I sort of use British English, because of course most of the words I use have been borrowed from other languages.

This certainly leaves me in no position to criticise the English of other parts of the world - and neither do I want to, because I think words like the North American boondocks (I'd say the sticks), the Australian chuddy (chewing gum) and, indeed, the Indian chuddies (underpants) all add to the fun of the language. 

Having said all that, I must say it's JOLLY ANNOYING when people brag that their particular from of English is better than mine because their words are older.

Yes, I'm talking about the word gotten.

For one thing, is old necessarily good? Prithee, speak presently, churl!

And for another, if it is, WHY every morning am I faced with the infuriating enquiry forgot your password?

Word to use today: forget. This very useful word has been around for ages. It's Old English form is forgietan, and before that we had the Old Saxon fargetan and the Old High German firgezzan.

In British English the long-serving past participle is forgotten.

Just saying...

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