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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Word Not To Use Today - rissole.

There can't be any need to comment on this word, can there?

I mean, rissole. It's all hissing disgust. No wonder we now tend to call them croquettes, instead.

But tell me: does a rissole by another name taste quite as much of glue and sawdust?

Word Not To Use Today: rissole. This word is French, and probably originally from the Latin russus, which means red.

Not that I've ever seen a red rissole, but there you go.


  1. Well, I've always connected rissoles with risotto which just shows how much I know. Haven't had a rissole in years but can remember them not being TOO dreadful at school. Much better than stew....we used to peer at our plates, spear a piece of gristle and hold it up to our friends and say: "Anyone we know?" How disgusting we all were"

  2. And what fun you had being revolting!

    As far as I can remember rissoles only existed in school dinners. How I remember the doom-laden scent of them spreading through the preprandial corridors like the combined flatus of a hundred dyspeptic hippos.