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Monday, 28 March 2011

Spot the frippet: dress.

It's not so easy to spot someone wearing a dress nowadays. Try looking out for someone very small.

And probably female.

Every awards ceremony abounds with glorious dresses, of course. I love looking at the red carpet pictures (especially at the "ordinary" people in the background, who practically always look...well, ordinary, which is rather encouraging).

But the stars, eh? This report is from the Daily Telegraph website.

Another red carpet success story for Mila [Kunis] in this emerald green...dress which she pulled off with aplomb.

Well, I suppose the whole point of the event is to get yourself noticed, after all.

Spot the frippet: dress. This word is from the Old French word drescer, which means to arrange. Further back we have the Latin directiāre, which means to direct.

So we've had two words in a row which have come from pretty much the same place: dress and dirge.

Who'd have thought those two words were linked!

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