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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Rest, Word Not To Use Today: scabrous.

Scabrous. This is a horrid word, with a cruel beginning and a dismissive end.

It means indecent, in a joyless sort of way.

Scabrous is sometimes used, too, of a problem that's particularly difficult to solve.

It can mean scaly, too. Now, there's nothing wrong with scales (provided you don't discover them when you take your vest off - that would be a sign you were turning into a dragon). Lizards and snakes wear their scales most beautifully. But even the elegance of an armadillo girdled lizard doesn't salvage the word scabrous as far as I'm concerned.

A murrain on it!

Word Not To Use Today: scabrous. This nasty word comes from the Latin word scaber, which means rough.


  1. Scabrous is good but MURRAIN is wonderful...more please on that!

  2. I'll muse on murrain for you, Adele. Watch this space!