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Friday, 1 July 2011

Word To Use Today: yacht.

Once upon a time there was a prince. He was tall, dark, and...

...well, two out of three's not bad.

Now there was a plan afoot to overthrow his father the king (who was, admittedly, very foolish and extremely annoying*) and so the prince fled his country.

The prince lived in exile for several years, and actually had a really great time. He discovered delightful things called actresses, and also the great pleasure of messing about in boats.

Now, before too long everyone back at home discovered that the plotters against the king were even more annoying than the old king had been, and so the prince was asked to return. By that time, though, the prince had realised that kings don't usually have all that much fun.

And so instead of travelling in a great warship, as a king should do, he started as he meant to go on and made the journey home in a much more amusing sort of craft called a yacht

And that is how the first yacht arrived in the English language.

Word To Use Today: yacht. This word is from the Dutch word jaghte, which is to do with chasing. The first yachts chased either pirates and tax-dodgers, or each other, for fun.

*and was called Charles the First.

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