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Friday, 22 July 2011

Word To Use Today: chump.

This is the best word ever. Well, definitely one of them.


Isn't it just gloriously satisfying?

Chump chump chump chump chump.

Chump is an affectionate name for a stupid person (and, heaven knows, there are plenty of those about).

Chump chump chump chump chump chump chump chump.

It can also mean head, as in you're off your chump. This means you're mad, but probably not in a dangerous sort of way. You probably wouldn't use it to an axe-murderer.

Actually, I'm not sure what you would say to an axe-murderer.

The thick end of something is also a chump, especially if it's a piece of meat, as in the delightfully named chump chop.

Chump can mean chomp, too.

Chump chump chump chump chump.

Personally, this being such a gorgeous word, I think there's room for it to be used more often. How about chump or chumpion as an opposite of champion?

As in Chumpion the Blunder Horse, perhaps.

Oh, all right, please yourselves!

Word To Use Today: chump. This word is probably a mixture of the words chunk and lump. Chunk might come from the Provençal word soca, which means tree stump, and lump is probably something to do with the similar Scandinavian dialect word which means block.

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  1. Won't comment on them all as have to write the odd word myself, but last few days of WORD DEN have been spectacularly interesting. Have never heard of Jumping the Shark but then I missed out entirely on the Happy Days phenomenon. Never too late to learn though, eh? I was a chump but no longer am...