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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Going for Broke - a rant.

Newspapers have to be written fast, and also quite often by non-experts.

That's why I pass over mistakes made in newspapers unless they're funny, interesting, important, or showing signs of starting an epidemic.

The one I came across the other day is a sort of zombie mistake, though. I first saw it last year and ignored it, but it's still lurching on, following me about all over the place. And after a while these zombies can begin to get annoying.

Look. You can break a record, a plate, a silence, your word, and, indeed, wind, but you can't break a speed.

It's some neutrinos that have been causing the problem. They're showing every sign of having nipped through the Alps faster than the speed of light.

If the science of much of the last century is right then this can't have happened, so all the poor scientists are a bit bewildered.

They've checked and checked but at the moment they can't find anything wrong with the figures. Not even taking off their socks so they can count with their toes as well has been of any use.

I truly do admire the scientists' honesty and their determination, but I do wish I didn't keep having to read headlines which say SPEED OF LIGHT BROKEN.

They mean exceeded, I think. Or surpassed. Or perhaps even outstripped.

But you really can't break a speed.

The Theory of Relativity, however, is beginning to look fragile.

Word To Use Today: neutrino. This word comes from the Italian neutrone, which means little neutron. Neutron is from the word neutral, because neutrons hardly cause any reaction with anything in the known universe...

...except scientists.

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