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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday Rave: Finn McCool and the Giant's Causeway.

This is one of my very favourite stories ever.

There's no fool like a big fool, they say, and they don't come much bigger than the Irish giant Finn McCool.

Now...the giants gave little trouble except for one terrible big, boasting fellow who was called Finn McCool.
Finn McCool was fifty-two feet and six inches tall, and the little people were always having to run for their lives when he came clumping along not looking where he was going.

In fact the only bigger fool than Finn McCool was the Scottish giant Benan Donner.

And at the third bang the door fell off its hinges and Benan Donner stood there, as tall as a cliff and twice as ugly.

As in all the best stories the poor hero gets into all sorts of trouble.

But luckily, like all married men, he has a secret weapon...

Word To Use Today: giant. This word comes from the French word geant, and before that from the Greek gigas.

The quotations are from my own version of this lovely story, which is called The Path of Finn McCool.

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