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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday Rave: Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.

Mrs Smiling's second interest was her collection of brassières, and her search for a perfect one. She was reputed to have the largest and finest collection of these garments in the world. It was hoped that on her death it would be left to the nation.

And so, in a tone as cool as her heroine Flora's eye, Stella Gibbons tells the story of Cold Comfort Farm, the story of the newly orphaned Flora's search for independence.

Flora soon finds herself in the country, amongst a highly dramatic collection of...well, one has to say lunatics...but lunatics of the sort much admired in the literary fiction in the first half of the 1900s.

There is much gloom and doom, and rather a lot of smouldering.

And, of course, there's also something nasty in the woodshed.

Word To Use Today: comfort. This word comes to us from the Old French confort, from the Latin word confortāre, to strengthen very much.

By the way, Mrs Smiling's first interest was writing to dumped boyfriends.

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  1. One of my favourite books in the world. I just think it's hilarious. And I have another novel by the same author on my shelf ready to read. WESTWOOD it's called and it is not a funny one, I'm quite sure. Love that bra collection!