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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Charming! A rant.

They can be many-edged things, words, you know.

Take the word charm.

It can be an attractive personal magnetism.

It can be a small piece of jewellery.

It can be a magic spell.

In WINDOWS 8, the things previously called icons are called charms.

They're a bit different from icons because they're generally invisible. If you know they're there you can hover your cursor in the right place they'll sort of loom up.

If you don't know they're there...

Charm is a beautiful and interesting word, but in the WINDOWS 8 instance it didn't put me in mind of Watteau:

Datei:Antoine Watteau 027.jpg


 or Cary Grant:


No. It put me in mind of nasty silver dangling teddy bears and the first scene of Macbeth.

Ah well. I'm dug in with WINDOWS 7, now. I wouldn't say it's  charming, but it works.

That, and being able to see what I'm doing, are enough for me, you know.

Word To Use Today: charm. This word comes from the French word charme, from the Latin carmen, which means song or incantation, from canere, to sing.

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