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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Rest: Word Not To Use Today: esurient.


No, it's all right, no one understands this one.

Even if someone did, they wouldn't use esurient because it sounds so greasy and extruded, and there's nothing nice that's greasy and extruded unless your idea of fun involves the sort of cheese that comes in tubes.

(Yes, I know, everyone over a certain age has eaten celery-and-processed-cheese canapes. But we know better, now, okay?)

So what does esurient mean?

Greedy. That's all, greedy. Which is rather a satisfying word, I think.

Just like someone who'll even eat celery piped with processed cheese.

Word Not To Use Today: esurient. This word comes from the Latin edere, to eat.


  1. Confession. I liked that processed squeezy cheese a lot. Primula was a favourite..remember that? Do not recall a celery they still make it. Will search.

  2. Oh yes, I liked it too. Remember the way the nozzle had a zig-zaggy edge so the stuff came out looking nearly as sophisticated as Babycham?

    The celery wasn't part of the cheese, its function was to make an edible spoon and to leach the calories out of the cheese... know, in some ways I still almost believe that!