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Friday, 22 February 2013

Word To Use Today: scullion.

We can never have enough polite insults, and scullion must be  one of the best.

You utter scullion! we might cry; or perhaps say, consolingly, don't mind him, he's nothing but a scullion.

My Collins dictionary defines scullion as a mean and despicable person, so this is a jolly useful word, especially if you're watching the News.

In former times a scullion was someone employed to do the rougher sort of work in a kitchen, and I'm sure that many of these scullions were fine hard-working members of society.

Still, although scullions have come sadly down in the world, we do now have a lovely word for shouting at the television.

 You dirty rotten stinking scullion!


Word To Use Today: scullion. This word comes from the Old French escouillon, which means cleaning cloth, from escouve, a broom, from the Latin scōpa.

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  1. Yup! A good one Will shout it regularly from now on.