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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday Rest: Word Not To Use Today: pone.

Pone can either be maize bread, or it can be the player to the right of the dealer in a card game (or opposite him if it's a game for two).

Now, it may be possible to say the word pone without making it a cross between a honk and a whinge, but if it is I've yet to hear anyone do it.

No, no. No need to practise...

Word Not To Use Today: pone. The word meaning maize bread comes from from Powhatan (Algonquian) apan something baked, from apen she bakes.
The card-playing word comes from the  Late Latin pone, from Latin pōne, imperative form of pōnere, to place.

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  1. There's a song in the musical 'L'il Abner' called JUBILATION T CORNPONE! I can sing it, what's more!