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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Thing To Do Today: intrigue.

Well, if you've got this far, then there's a good chance I already have.

Intrigued you, that is.

But then who could be other than permanently intrigued in a world where tadpoles, Shakespeare, and sherbert exist?

In a world of hair relaxer, butterflies and bar codes?

Of smoke, sewers, and snapdragons ?

If there is someone out there so block-headed that they can't be bothered to wonder about...well, about anything much, really...then they can always be involved in an intrigue, whether it's plot to get to sit next to the brainest person during the French test, or to convince someone that their business trip wasn't all about golf.

I suppose the deceitful but perennially fascinating cuckoo, who lays her eggs in other birds' nests, is carrying on an intriguing intrigue: but personally I'm nothing of a plotter, so for myself I'll stick with spending way too much time being intrigued by the rainbows on washing-up liquid bubbles.

bubbles by George Hodan-1352653879Bgb
Photo by George Hodan.

Thing to do today: be intrigued, or intrigue. This word comes from the Latin word intrīcāre, to entangle or perplex, from trīcae, which are trifles or perplexities.


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