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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Thing To Do Today: pulsate.

If you have a pulse (and I hope you do) then your heart and arteries will be pulsating already, though the jellyfish amongst you will be making a more thorough whole-body job of it.

Music pulsates too, of course, and sometimes headaches.

The pulsations of the soft coral Heterxenia help to sweep food particles within reach. Rather charmingly, though, Heterxenia knock off the pulsating every afternoon for an hour's nap.

There's a sort of electricity called Direct Pulsating Current:

(My physics teacher would have gone bananas at that graph. Mark your axes, she would always say.*)

On the subject of electricity, if the atmosphere is electric then all sorts of things pulsate: a play may pulsate with tension; a room may pulsate with passion; and even the hills may seem to pulsate with menace.

Is it possible to pulsate with joy?

Hmmm...well, it has to be worth a try, doesn't it.

Thing To Do Today: pulsate. This word comes from the Latin pulsō, to strike repeatedly, from pellō, which means strike.

*That's axes as in the plural of axis, not as in wood chopper. Though marking your wood chopper is also a good idea if you're thinking of lending to someone.

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