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Friday, 14 June 2013

Word To Use Today: limicoline.

Limicoline is, obviously, much too lovely a word not to use at least once a week.

It means to do with shorebirds of the order Charadrii, which includes plovers:

File:MASKED LAPWING (8552521221).jpg
Photo by CUATROK77PHOTOS.  That's a masked plover, Vanellus miles


File:Pectoral Sandpiper Mendocino.jpg
That's a Pectoral sandpiper,Calidris melanotos. The photo is by Alan Vernon.


File:African Snipe mburo dec05.jpg
An African snipe, Gallinago nigripennis. Photo by Aviceda.


File:Oyster catcher aerobics.jpg
this one's doing aerobics. Photo by John Haslam.

and avocets:

File:Avocet 4416.jpg
Taiwanese avocets. (I think they're Recurvirostra avosetta.) Photo by Alnus.

Yes, you may say, but why should I wish to refer to any of those birds, lovely though they may be?

Well..., that's a good question, isn't it.

Er...well, just think of the fun of coming back from a trip away and telling your friends the place wasn't exceptionally limicoline.

I mean, you'd be bound to acquire a reputation as a genius in a single word.

And what more could anyone want than that?

Word To Use Today: limicoline. This word comes from the New Latin Limicolae, which use to be the name of the order Charadrii. It comes from the Latin words līmus, mud, and colere, to inhabit.

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