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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Rest: ungulate. Word Not To Use Today.

Today, as perhaps you know, is World Tapir Day.

As you may also know, there is nothing more deeply delightful than a tapir (unless it's two tapirs).

Malaysian tapir.
Yes, tapirs are wise, beautiful, kind, loving and cute.

This one is a baby.

They also need lots of care and respect from those of us who claim to be human.

Unfortunately, not only do poor tapirs have to put up with being hunted, and with having their forest homes chopped down, but they are also saddled with the name ungulate, which is a horrible label to stick onto any poor harmless creature.

In fact tapirs, together with horses and rhinos, are odd-toed ungulates. (Yes, I know they have four toes on their front feet (they have three on their back feet) but that's what it says in the book.)

But, let's face it, even even-toed ungulate is a horrible name.

So please don't use it. Not now. Especially not on World Tapir Day.

Be kind.

Word Not To Use Today: ungulate. This word comes from the Latin ungula, which means hoof.

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