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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Thing To Do Today: gallivant.

They say that life is stern and life is earnest, but there's nothing like a good gallivant all the same.

If you're gallivanting you're going somewhere entirely for the fun of it.

Three Men on the Bummel

It doesn't involve picking up a pint of milk at the supermarket; it doesn't involve taking notes, or establishing contacts, or earning money; it doesn't involve split-second timing or carrying heavy loads.

The journey may go anywhere. The crucial thing is that the end is fun.

Even if you're stuck in the middle of a city, or the middle of nowhere, head out there to find the three funniest things in the area.

If you get stuck, there's nearly always people...

Thing To Do Today: gallivant. This word is thought to be a version of the word gallant, but made longer to make it sound more fun. Gallant comes from the French galer, to make merry, from gale, enjoyment.

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