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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Saturday Rave: The Lion and Albert by Marriott Edgar.

The first poems were spoken or sung. Well, they had to be, because no one had invented writing.

Even after writing was invented, poems were still spoken or sung. This was mostly because, as far as most people were concerned, no one had yet invented reading.

Poets still say their poems aloud. Nowadays this is largely because no one can live on the income from poetry books. Every professional poet has to have an act.

Marriott Edgar managed to get out of having to stand up on stage by writing poems for Music Hall actors to perform. The most famous of all these poems was called The Lion and Albert.

As I said, some poems are made to be said out loud.

So here it is:

Word To Use Today: somnolent. This word comes from the Latin somnus, sleep. I love the phrase somnolent posture, as used in this poem.


  1. I've not heard that before, and really enjoyed it.
    Especially the last line!
    Thank you!

    I agree, some poems should be read out loud, but I think it also depends on the narrator. (Is that the right word?) Some people are naturals at story-telling, some not.
    I'm in the 'some not' category!

    1. All you need is to be repeatedly thrown in front of 150 or so thirteen year olds and told to keep them amused for an hour or so.

      You soon get the hang of story-telling, then.