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Friday, 16 May 2014

Word To Use Today: Komorebi

Komorebi is a Japanese word, and it's one we English speakers need to steal at once.

Komorebi describes the peace and delight people feel when they see sunlight dancing through the leaves of trees.

File:Sunlight through the leaves - - 1011865.jpg
photo by Bob Jones

We must all have experienced komorebi; but how much more magical and valuable it will seem now we have a word for it.

Hey, you know something? I don't know that's faintly depressing, or not.

But as the sun is shining and my view from my garret entirely consists of trees and sky, I think I'll say not.

Word To Use Today: komorebi. This word is Japanese. Komorebi, 木漏れ日, means light that filters through the trees.  木 means tree or trees, 漏 means escape and 日 is light or sun.


  1. Ahhhhh! Living on treed property, this is something I see often.
    So nice to have a word to describe it.
    This picture doesn't show it the best, but
    One of my favourite komorebi moments

    1. That's beautiful, Jingles. It looks like a canine version of some fairy tale. Snow White and Rose Red?

    2. More like a comedy really - Laurel and Hardy!
      The black dog on the left was only about 4 months in that picture - he grew a lot more body-wise but not brain-wise!
      But he's a sweetheart.
      Sorry, I get to talking about my dogs, and I can't stop! :)

    3. There's not much that's more endearing than a truly daft dog.

  2. Y'know, Sally, I read this post yesterday, and at the time didn't feel the need to comment on it, but I've been dwelling on it since ...

    There is something universally compelling about shafts of sunlight through the trees, isn't there?

    What, specifically, is it about this that so enraptures humans?

    It is purely the aesthetic?

    Is it a glimpse of the divine?

    I can see that I'll be thinking about this some more, especially as I'm going on a forest walk later today. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Eddie, that's an interesting question. I don't know. Could it be a deep memory of when we lived in the oceans and saw the sunlight above us through the moving water?
      Enjoy your walk!