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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dead-head: a rant.

Sadly, according to Britain's i newspaper of 22/10/14, 'the head of Iran's top clerical body has died'.

Well, I'm really very sorry for his loss, and I hope he doesn't miss it too much.

Of course what I really thought was that the above passage displays a slightly unfortunate collision of metaphors written by a hard-pressed journalist. But then something three short paragraphs further on began to make me wonder.

'In the case of his death,' it says, 'the body has to take steps "within the shortest possible time" to appoint a new leader.'

Really? Good heavens.

Well, I'm really looking forward to the film version.

File:Headless life-sized statue of a female figure, she is accompanied by a small dog near her leg left, 2nd century AD, Philippi Museum (7416393560).jpg

Word To Use Today: body. This word comes from the Old English bodig and is related to the Old Norse buthkr, which means box.

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