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Monday, 17 November 2014

Spotm the frippet: something esculent.

Something esculent?

It's dead easy.

No, it's not anything to do with escalators or succulents, or even escaping succulents on escalators (Stop that cactus!).

In fact, I'm pretty sure you'll have already come across several esculent things today, and that you, with your usual elegance and skill, have made them entirely invisible - have made them vanish from all mortal ken, in fact.

I'm pretty sure you thoroughly enjoyed doing it, too.

So what does esculent mean?

Well, these are esculent:


And so is this:

File:Boletus luridus 3.jpg
Boletus luridus. Photo by Tokecas.

So, what do they have in common?

Yes, they're both edible.*

But esculent sounds much juicier, doesn't it.

Spot the frippet: something esculent. This word comes from the Latin ēsculentus, good to eat, from ēsca, food.
*In both cases, I hasten to add, only when cooked.

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