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Thursday, 25 December 2014

santa claus: a rant

Yes, but look, why is Santa called Santa when Santa is only for girls?

Think about it. It's not Santa Francisco, is it? Or Santa Antonio?

It's Santa Barbara or Santa Monica, yes, but San Francisco, San Antonio.

So it should be San Claus, shouldn't it? 

Okay there might be a slight problem, in that San Claus sounds like a foot disinfectant for pets, but apart from that, don't people care about grammar?

I mean, where has Santa gone and got his stupid name from?




Ah. that case I suppose that's okay, then.

Merry Old Santa Claus

Happy Christmas!

Name To Use Today: Santa Claus. Santa may be the Spanish title for a strictly female saint, but Santa's name doesn't come from Spanish. Instead it comes from the Middle Dutch Sante Klaas (which later became Sinter Niklaas). That's the Saint Nicholas, of course, who was a bishop of Asia Minor and patron saint of children.

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