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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday Rest: bauble. Word Not To Use Today.

File:Christmas bauble black and white.jpg
Photo: David Singleton

Christmas, Christmas...a time of comfort, joy, and, particularly, madness.

A time when people who make gingerbread villages are taken seriously.

A time when people believe that a festival where semi-drunken people will be lolling about all over the house munching chocolates is a good time to unveil a new sofa.

A time when people who loathe each other are deliberately invited to spend time together. 

A time when even the sanest of us is surrounded by baubles, whether we mean sparkly items of little use or value, or (as in Britain) we mean the usually spherical things we hang on our Christmas trees.


The word sounds like the slack-mouthed ravings of someone driven to utter gabbling madness.


Quite appropriate, really.

Word Not To Use Today: bauble. This word comes from the Old French baubel, a plaything.

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