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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Mr Adam: a rant.

Adam and Eve

' is a fake intimacy to start calling someone by their first name whom you do not know from Adam.'

That's from  the Telegraph Online, 4/1/15.

It made me laugh, but then that not-knowing-someone-from-Adam expression usually does. I mean, unless you're in the habit of meeting completely unclothed people, or those wearing aprons of leaves, then I would say that not-knowing-someone-from-Adam was fairly surprising. 

Anyway, apart from that, if you don't know someone from Adam then how can you call him by his first name?

...I suppose, on reflection, in those circumstances you'd just say hello Adam, wouldn't you?

Word To Use Today: Adam. There's a lovely bit of Cockney rhyming slang, would you Adam and Eve it, which means would you believe it? Adam's ale or Adam's wine is water. The Adam's apple is the voice box. Adam's needle is a sort of American Yucca plant.

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