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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Thing To Do Today: embrace

From the Telegraph on line 2/1/15.

'If, like me, you think something should be done about the social chasm that exists between state and private schools, you should embrace this guide [Tatler's Guide To State Schools] with open arms.'

Can you spot the difficulty in following that advice? 

It's a tiny thing, a mistake that anyone might make.

Still, it made me laugh.

What's wrong?

Well, go to the man you love best in all the world, and try 

embracing him with open arms.

File:Giulio Romano - Nude Child with Open Arms - WGA09624.jpg
Drawing by Giulio Romano

Thing To Do Today Though Not With Open Arms: embrace. This 

word comes from the Old French brace, a pair of arms, from the 

Latin bracchia, arms.

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