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Friday, 30 January 2015

Word To Use Today: pricket.

I love words that describe things I've never noticed.

I mean, I knew prickets existed, both sorts of them, but I'd never noticed them until I discovered the word.

A pricket is a stag in his second year, when he has antlers, but not branched ones. (Gosh, it must be just about impossible to use fake ID if you're a stag, mustn't it. Unless you can squeeze in as one of group. Or get antler-extensions...)

The other sort of a pricket is the spike on a candle stick that goes up into the candle to stop the candle falling off. Or it can be a candle stick so equipped.

File:BLW Candlesticks.jpg
Photo: David Jackson, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

There. Knowing that has made the world slightly larger and even more wonderful, hasn't it.


Word To Use Today: pricket. This word comes from the Old English prica, which means point or puncture. It's related to various Scandinavian words that mean stick.

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