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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Nutella: a rant.

A French court has prevented the parents of an infant girl from naming her Nutella.

The child was born on 24 September last year, but, when her birth came to be registered, her case was referred to the French family court, who found that such a name was contraire à l’intérêt de l’enfant - against the interests of the child.

If a name is not judged to be against the interests of the child, then in France you can call your child anything you like.

The parents of the child didn't turn up for the hearing, so the judge in their absence decided to rename the little girl Ella. As he said, Nutella is a commercial name for a spreadable paste and such a name is likely to result in the child being mocked and suffering des réflexions désobligeantes.

Mind you, it might be better to be mocked because your name is nuts rather than because you're ugly.

Is the French court's decision a sensible one? Definitely. Will it 

make little Ella happier? I have no idea.

You see, one of my daughters was born, quite a long time ago, on 

24 September. I called her Helena.

She hated her name quite passionately, and as soon as she could 

speak she insisted on changing it... Oxtail.

Thing To Consider Today: is Nutella a worse name than 

Cinderella? Because it didn't do her any harm, did it.

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