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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Rest: crudités. Word Not To Use Today.

Crudités are healthy, and a boon to frazzled hostesses juggling three saucepans, a grill, and someone who's just said oh, but I thought you knew I was a gluten-free vegan. But, admit it, crudités are nearly always a bit of a disappointment

People only eat them on the understanding that chomping gamely through so much rabbit food must in simple justice make an extra helping of pudding entirely calorie-free. 

The word itself doesn't help. Crudités: it manages to combine a suggestion of crude with a French ending, which in a domestic setting is bound to come across as pretentious.

Still, there is one very good thing about crudités.  

They seem largely to have gone out of fashion.

File:Crudites Platter.JPG
Photo Phoenixcatering

Sunday Rest: crudités. This word comes from the French crudité which means rawness, and is related to the Latin crūdus which means bloody.


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