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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Thing To Do Today: glow.

File:Lampyris noctiluca glow worm.jpg
Glow worm, Photo: Lampyridae2.jpg: Herky

There was a time when a young lady who declared herself to be sweating would be met with the gentle assurance that only horses sweat.* 

If you've been in England lately the opportunities for sweating have been few, but of course the Southern Hemisphere is basking in glorious summer.

Yes, quite - but do try not to be quite so smug about it, will you?

Luckily for us up here, it's possible to glow with cold as well as heat. It's the nose that's best at this, and I've often wondered if this is the reason a) for Rudolf, and, b) why headlights are so seldom seen fitted to husky sleds.

In any case, however hot or cold we are, we can still glow. Triumph helps (you're a loser? Perhaps, but not a complete loser: bask in your ability not to drop custard down your shirt or something).

Beauty imparts a glow, too - and if beauty is in short supply then you can always try that face powder that has shiny bits in it.

Then there are those lucky enough to be glowing with love.

But what if you're an ugly, lukewarm, custard-splattered misanthropist?

Well...I suppose you could always try buying some solar-powered fairy lights and wearing them as a collar.

Word To Use Today: glow. This word comes from the Old English glōwan, and is related to the Icelandc glōra, to sparkle.

*Horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow.

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