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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday Rest: Grexident. Word Not To Use Today.

As if Grexit isn't bad enough, (though it is), I regret to report the birth of something even worse.

This chimera (hmm...the Greeks have a track record here, don't they) is the hideous conglomeration Grexident.

Now, Grexit means Greek exit from the Euro: but Grexident?

Is it some sort of preparation for the cleaning of false teeth?


Well, then, let's see: grex, that's Latin for flock, and dent is usually to do with teeth...something with woolly teeth? That is, something which looks quite scary, but is actually practically harmless?


An adjectival description of something that aims to make people act in a flock-like way, like a SALE sign, or a fashion show, or the queueing system at an airport?

Not that, either?

So...what is it then?

Grexident is what will happen if Greece leaves the Euro by accident.

By accident? Good grief. I mean, I've occasionally dropped a cup, or let the occasional cat out of the bag, but...

Still, I suppose anyone who can countenance a horrid word like Grexident might do anything.

Word Not To Use Today: Grexident. The Grex bit is formed on the model of Grexit (short for Greek exit) and the ident is the tail end of accident. The dent bit in accident is nothing to do with teeth. It comes from the Latin accidere, to befall, from cadere to fall.

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