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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Thing To Do Today: massage something.

Oh, hello! Gosh, you are so kind and intellectually curious to visit The Word Den like this (not that I'm trying to massage your ego or anything.)

There's a great deal massaging going on in Britain at the moment: we're enduring an election campaign and so, naturally, artistically lit and carefully sampled figures are being presented to the public, all bearing the slightly squashed look of something that's been expertly massaged.

File:Sweet Potato Gnocchi dough in a ball.jpg
Photo by Joy.

And of course what we're all asking ourselves is, are any of these facts and figures actually, well, facts?

It's enough to give you a headache just trying to sort out what's really going on.

What? Oh, yes, that would be lovely. Just at the base of the neck. Yes...ooh, smashing...yes, that's so much better...

Thank you.

Thing To Do Today: massage. This word comes from the French masser, to rub, and before that from the Latin massa, that which forms a lump, from the Greek maza, barley cake.

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