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Friday, 3 April 2015

Word To Use Today: frigorific.

How on earth did people get through the 1960s without the word frigorific?

It's just

'Hey, cats, there's going to be a demonstration outside the public toilets.'

'Frigorific, man!'

File:Tallinn hippie.jpg
photo Feddim

When I say frigorific is cool I'm speaking quite literally, because it means causing cold, or freezing.

'Would you like some ice cubes?'


Still, as people never stop pointing out (usually disapprovingly) language changes, and this gives me hope for frigorific.

So I very much hope that next time someone says I've got a new app on my phone you know just what to say.

Word To Use Today: frigorific. This word comes from the French frigorifique, from the Latin frīgorificus, from frīgus, coldness, and facere, to make   

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