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Sunday 25 October 2015

Sunday Rest: bimbo. Word Not To Use Today

Betty Boop Opening Titles image from Wikimedia Commons

There are worse things than being called a bimbo, and being someone who finds a use for that horrible word is one of them.

A bimbo is, according to my Collins Dictionary, an attractive but empty-headed young woman. 

I'm not denying that there are attractive but empty-headed young women in the world, but do remember, gentlemen, that the young lady's manner may have less to do with her mental incapacity than her desire to give you as little encouragement as possible.

Sunday Rest: bimbo. This word is the Italian for little child (it's perfectly okay in Italian). It may have come to English through Polari.

WARNING: There is, I'm sorry to say, a similar but even more revolting word than bimbo. Only the strong should visit The Word Den next Sunday.

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