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Friday, 30 October 2015

Word To Use Today: werris.

None of us needs the word werris, but it's a fine addition to the vocabulary. Enjoy the luxury of having an extra colour on the palette. As it were.

Werris is an Australian word, and it means...well, straining the greens - spending a penny - popping upstairs - aiming Archie at the Armitage - changing the water on the goldfish - having a Jimmy Riddle - having a number one - paying the water bill - powdering the nose - shaking hands with the vicar - sprinkling the tinkle - visiting Uncle Charlie - or, as it says so dully in the dictionary, an act of urination.

Werris: it has a certain dry charm, I think.

It's a relief after all that elaborate po-faced euphemising, too.

Word To Use Today: werris. This word is Australian rhyming slang and is short for Werris Creek to rhyme with leak.

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