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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Thing To Do Today But Not In A Bad Way: explode.

So, can you explode, but not in a bad way?

Of course you can: you can explode with laughter:

File:Laughing Fool.jpg
(painting of a fool, perhaps by Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen) 

with joy:

File:Hull City promotion celebration.jpg
(Hull City FC promotion celebration. Photo by Andy Beecroft)

with excitement:

And as if that's not wonderful enough, the word comes to us from a really amazing source, too.

Thing To Do Today But Not In A Bad Way: explode. This word comes from the Latin explōdere, to drive away by clapping or hissing (as an actor off the stage). Plaudere means to clap.


  1. Well, that derivation is a new one on me and fascinating....

    1. It'll add a new layer of meaning every time I read that an audience exploded with applause, won't it.