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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Saturday Rave: Beware of the Otter.

'I must not judge my own performance,' said Elizabeth Bennet, and of course she was quite right. 

Having said that, and putting all modesty aside, I do like to think my typing errors occasionally display a flash of something like genius.

I was writing about Shakespeare's play Othello the other day, and when I came to re-read my piece I found the following statement:

Iago's plot principally involves encouraging murderous jealousy in otters.

I'd meant others, obviously; but, I don't know...

...I wouldn't dream for one single moment of comparing my own talent with Shakespeare's, but I can't help wondering if a strong otter theme in Othello might possibly have been an improvement...

File:Sleeping Otter - - 575811.jpg
Photo by David White

Word To Use Today: otter. This word comes from the Old English otor and is related to the Sanskrit udra.

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