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Friday, 6 November 2015

Word To Use Today: fribble.

Oh, come on, it doesn't matter what it means: every day will be happier for using the word fribble!

As it happens, a fribble is a wasteful or frivolous person or action - and, let's face it, it's not unusual to have a need to describe one of those.

What does he do?

Oh, I don't know...sleep, drink, watch YouTube. He's a bit of a fribble, to be honest.

Fribble can also mean to fritter away or waste:

What are you doing?

Oh just fribbling away some time online.

Fribble can mean frivolous or trifling, too (though, now I come to think about it, trifle might be one of the very few words in the English language even lovelier than fribble):

Did you have fun?

Yeah, she turned out to be well fribble.

If those aren't riches enough, there's even a word fribbler.

But then they are riches enough, aren't they?

File:German garden gnome.jpg
(Photo by Colibri1968)

Word To Use Today: fribble. Where this word came from is a mystery. Imported by gnomes, quite possibly.

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